Granola pomegranate 350g – حبوب شوفان الجرانولا الطبيعية بالتوت والرمان


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حبوب الجرانولا المقرمشة الطبيعية مع التوت والرمان من سانتيه، حبوب الشوفان الكاملة غير المطحونة مع قطع التوت والرمان المجففة.

خال من :

– القمح.

– زيت النخيل.

– الجلوكوز والفركتوز.

تعتبر حبوب الجرانولا الطبيعية مصدر مهم للثيامين، الفسفور،حديد، زنك، فيتامينE، الياف.

الجرانولا هي اكثر من وجبة افطار، بالاضافة الى طعمها اللذيذ يمكن استهلاكها مع الحليب، المشروبات النباتيه، اللبن ، العصير الطبيعي، يمكن استخدامها مع الحلويات، كما يمكن استهلاكها كوجبة سريعة.

Granola with pomegranate fruit is an exceptionally crunchy, cookie-like combination of roasted wholegrain oats (42.2% of its composition) with added pomegranate and dried cranberry. Granola with pomegranate is a natural source of thiamine and folic acid as well as 4 minerals: phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc. It is distinguished by its high content of dietary fibre.

New Sante Granola is a product with:

no added wheat

no palm oil

no glucose syrup

Granola is more than just breakfast cereal! It tastes great added to milk, plant drinks, yoghurt, kefir or juice. You can use it to make delicious yoghurt desserts. It is so tasty and crunchy that it can be munched on as a snack between meals.

*This health effect can be achieved by regular consumption of two servings of Granola with blueberry and pomegranate, combined with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


Whole grain oat flakes 42,2%, flour: barley, oat 7,4%, corn: unrefined cane sugar, sunflower oil, blueberry-pomegranate cubes 5% (Fruit: concentrated apple puree, concentrated apple juice, blueberry puree, concentrated pomegranate juice, concentrated blueberry juice, gelling agent: pectin; citrus fiber, natural blueberry flavouring), corn grits, sweetened dried cranberries (cranberry, sugar, sunflower oil), raising agents: sodium carbonates, sea salt, emulsifier: lecithins (soy); barley malt extract; flavorings.

May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts and milk.

Net weight: 350g

د.ع 3.500

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